May 19, 2004

In Other News

The Voodoo Lounge remains as much a source of joy for me as ever.

". . . if that's abuse, I'm going to suffer abuse tonight when I go clubbing." You know something? I think I've had that suffering myself already. Yeah, okay, so my clubbing days are over. Do we need to harp on that aspect of it?

I don't mean to minimize the chaos at Abu Ghraib--nor do I think Dr. DNA intends that. Certainly, what we did there was no fraternity hazing. (And when exactly IS the Right in America going to figure out that Limbaugh is doing them no favors? He's a liability, not an asset.)

But as I said in a comment section somewhere, could we have a little perspective?

Posted by Ilyka at May 19, 2004 08:09 AM in hell is other people