June 04, 2004

Some Heads Are Gonna Roll

Another CIA resignation:

The CIA spy chief in charge of clandestine operations overseas announced his resignation Friday, the news coming a day after the agency's director announced he would leave next month.

James Pavitt, a 31-year veteran of the leading U.S. spy agency, has served as Deputy Director for Operations (DDO) of the CIA for nearly five years, longer than anyone in a generation.

The DDO is responsible for the collection of foreign intelligence. The role will now be filled by Mr. Pavitt's assistant, Stephen Kappes.

I'd say "better late than never," except this is awfully late. And of course it has nothing to do with Tenet:

The two resignations are not linked, though, the CIA insists. In a statement, the agency says that Mr. Pavitt decided last month to retire and that his decision is unrelated to Mr. Tenet's decision.
But still I'm reminded of a verse from Elvis Costello's "Hand in Hand:"

No don't ask me to apologize
I won't ask you to forgive me
If I'm gonna go down and out
You're gonna come with me

And beyond that I'm too busy to say much about this, so feel free to insert standard blogger "Heh/Indeed"-style commentary here.

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