August 25, 2004

Just One More Turn . . .

Uh, so my boyfriend came home with this last Friday, and . . . um . . . .

Posted by Ilyka at August 25, 2004 09:56 AM in navel gazing

One More Turn Syndrome. It's well documented.

Posted by: Jim at August 25, 2004 01:53 PM

Oh well, you'll see him in about a month or two.

Posted by: Rachel Ann at August 27, 2004 05:10 AM

I didn't like Civ3 nearly as much as the previous releases. I just found it annoying for some reason.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at August 27, 2004 08:32 AM

P.S. You might want to tweak your config so it displays the last 10 posts (or whatever) instead of the last 7 days.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at August 27, 2004 08:33 AM

I hope you haven't been disturbing him! (you can see I'm the computer user in my family).

Posted by: David Weisman at August 28, 2004 12:39 AM

Has he gotten to play, yet?

Posted by: Emma at August 30, 2004 06:46 PM

It's been a week. Come up for air.

The Russians and the Chinese are bastards, aren't they?

Posted by: Dean Esmay at September 1, 2004 01:18 PM