September 04, 2004

Have Dignity

I swear, some people seem to be born just not having any:

Yesterday, I was parusing a link I read just about every day--a friend of mine--and she'd linked to an entry someone wrote wherein that poster just blatantly put out there that he wanks off in the shower to this friend, and another friend of mine as well. (And I'm not talking blog-friends here--I'm talking, personal connections on an offline level.) This entry was also very close to another entry wherein the poster mentioned his wife and infant son. It was creepy, in my opinion. I asked a few mates if I was over-thinking and was told unanimously that no, I wasn't, and that yes, it is creepy. So I commented saying so. The poster replied in his own comments that "That's what they get for putting their photos on their blogs."

Ex-fucking-scuse me?! That's what they get?! That phrase, to me, took him from creepy to predatory in the click of a mouse. It immediately reminded me of the common misconception that women make themselves targets for rape by doing various scandelous activities such as wearing lipstick or some sort of clothing that shows more skin than a full body cast would. You know, she wore a short skirt and she got raped. That's what she gets!

And you know what you get for having the that's-what-she-gets attitude around here? That gets your other blog--the one in which you attempt to play a normal person--delinked, baby. Deeeeee-linked.

See, I wholly second this emotion:

. . . it's probably relatively standard that people use masturbatory fodder. Hey--fine. Have at! If you want to think about the Queen of England while you go for it, that's your choice. But telling HRH the Queen of England this would probably not be received well. I've had someone tell me that I'm their masturbatory fodder. It grossed me out. Wank all you want. Leave me out of it. If that means you think of me and just don't tell me, I'm perfectly okay with that. I do not need to know. ...But putting it up on the internet--taking it that one step further? There are lines here, people. Lines of social norms and human decency. While society gets a lot of things pretty screwed up, I'd have to say that respecting these sorts of boundaries should be standard. Even if I was a fan of Brad Pitt (he's alright but he doesn't do it for me), I would never tell the guy over coffee that his face is synonymous with my favourite vibrator. I'm sure he doesn't want to hear it. And it's just... icky.
It's just icky. Exactly; but I guess the whole reason we have a word for "obvious" in English is to point out when something should be, but apparently isn't. Anyway: Have some dignity, as the cartoon cat says. It ain't actually all that hard to do, believe it or not.

UPDATE: Or, I suppose you could just delete the other, faintly-less-creepy blog, too. I don't know that this was exactly necessary, but whatever.

Posted by Ilyka at September 4, 2004 07:21 PM in hell is other people

As we're such visual people, I admit to having a passing curiosity about what people look like when I read their blogs. It's like my work: I transcribe remote dictation, and I admit to going to the company website to see what some of the lawyers look like (some don't have pictures up, some do). The act of placing a face to a voice (or words, in the case of blogging) is more of a satisfaction of curiosity thing.

But to openly tell someone that they're in your Spank Bank? EEEEEWWW.

When I was under the AOHell Spell (for several years) it used to really rankle when the first word out of some user's mouths was "Can I have a picture?" You just KNEW it was for that exact purpose. I can't show you, here, what picture I used to send, but you can rest assured, it was NOT a picture of me. Kinda like my bartending days when I would give out the number for "Dial-A-Prayer" when pestered for my digits. Heh.

Posted by: Emma at September 4, 2004 09:27 PM

Really makes me want to rethink the whole sidebar pic, I tell you. I wonder if I can get one of a Sandra Bernhardt-Roseanne Barr cross. That'll gt me out of the shower and prove that the people who read my site do it for the writing, not for the spank the monkey factor.

And yes-there was de-linkage on my side, ma'am. I noticed there was de-linkage on other sites, too.

Posted by: Helen at September 5, 2004 07:22 PM

The site's back up, with an interesting twist.

Posted by: Mark at September 6, 2004 04:15 AM

Spank Bank -- Ooh, I have not heard that term before. I love that.

Back to the subject: Yeah, that was totally not cool.

Posted by: Erica at September 13, 2004 05:39 AM