November 05, 2004

White Males Talking

So I'm reading the Newsweek postmortem on the various campaigns, and the passage below leaps out at me:

Campaign manager Jordan had worked for Kerry for five years, serving as staff director of the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee when Kerry was its chairman. A soft-spoken but hard-nosed operative from North Carolina, Jordan admired Kerry, but he was weary of his indecisiveness. "The world around Kerry is a lot of white males talking," he groused. Every time Jordan decided something, the person who lost out went behind his back to appeal to Kerry, who spent inordinate amounts of time on his cell phone not resolving various disputes. Kerry was known for being deliberativeóhe was proud of itóbut Jordan despaired that Kerry had been turned into a caricature of the U.S. Senate.
So tell me, is it "fearful" to find that pattern of behavior undesirable in a president? I don't happen to think so. Against jihadists, I do not want a guy who spends "inordinate amounts of time on his cell phone not resolving various disputes."

(Via Tim Blair, who includes in his excerpts from Newsweek the line, "That idea's so f---ing bad it sounds like something Rove came up with," which seems an awfully uppity thing for a puppet to say on its own.)

UPDATE: Turd blossom?!

UPDATE THE NEXT: But why stop there, Newsweek person? You were on such a roll describing that Republican base:

From the moment he walked into the White House in 2001, he had been building the Republican base, the vast Red State army of evangelicals; flag-waving small-town and rural American Dreamers; '60s-hating, pro-death-penalty, anti-gay-marriage social conservatives; Big Donors
It's like the author ran out of steam or something! I'll help: puppy kickers, guys who give away movie endings, mullet wearers, incontinent people, Billy Ray Cyrus fans, halitosis sufferers, macarena dancers, careless farters, line cutters, tax cheaters, Pinto drivers, Partridge Family members, Tony Danza . . . . Posted by Ilyka at November 5, 2004 09:19 PM in news

The fact that W. called Rove "turd blossom" somehow makes me like him even more.

Posted by: willow at November 5, 2004 11:27 PM

The Breakfast Club? Who knew that Karl Rove was a secret John Hughes fan.

Posted by: Andrea Harris at November 7, 2004 04:31 PM