December 06, 2004

Fine, Fine, We Can Talk About It A Little

You know, that thing? That thing I said we weren't going to talk about? I think readers should vote Yourish in it. She makes the offer one can't refuse:

My fellow bloggers: Endorse me to your readers, and get your blog linked in the right-hand column. Right there.
I am with Rob about not taking blogs, and blog contests, too seriously; what I like about Meryl is that she has the knack of taking things seriously in a completely unserious way. Or do I have that backwards?

Oh, and there's also the part where I am an unregenerate link whore.

In any case, you have to love this zinger aimed at the competition:

Patterico thinks he's got the upper hand. He's putting out vicious lies, like saying that Michael Totten is a cross-dresser. Of course that isn't true. Michael Totten is simply a terrible dresser.
So vote Yourish. Travel photos are nice and all, but they'll never rival pictures of Gracie and Tig. Posted by Ilyka at December 6, 2004 10:29 PM in hell is other people