July 05, 2005

Get Your Shoes On

--you're going to the Cotillion, honey. Dance in the main ballroom

This Week's Cotillion

. . . or with any of these charming hostesses:

The Anchoress Online

Little Miss Attila

Reasoned Audacity

Steal the Bandwagon

For those of you not quite clear on how it works: With over 45 members of the Cotillion, now, the selected posts for the week are divvied up among 4-5 Cotillion hostesses; that is, if you visit The Anchoress you'll be reading different selections than if you visit Steal the Bandwagon.

In theory, all Cotillion "dances," or collections of posts, wind up at the hub site, though I'm only seeing two hostesses who have cross-posted their efforts there as of this writing. (Ahem.)

Your best bet, then, is to just waltz around and enjoy the company.

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