January 11, 2006

Thank You!

Remind me, next time I'm in one of those black periods during which I have no faith in humanity at all, that I have the best commenters in the world.

I'll follow that post up, but it may be awhile. Today is The Day, The Day I Swore to Myself I Would Register for School (and no, I can't just do it online. Believe me, I did check.). The damn semester starts next week, so no more screwing around. It is also the last week of the pay period, work-wise. Lots going on around here, little of it any actual fun.

If I get a chance I'll also tell you about the time when I was 15 and Very Concerned About Our Planet; Also, Cruelty to Animals, Not to Mention Heart Disease, and tried to become a vegetarian, only to be sabotaged at every turn by my father, the meat-eating maniac and something of a wizard with the grill. The short version is that I learned I do not really like most meat and could live happily never touching chicken, pork, or hamburger again. Steak, however . . . a medium-rare New York strip or filet mignon, oh, those are hard things to give up once you've acquired a taste for them.

Luckily I'm not in much position to afford these treats very often anymore, and so there's probably nothing really stopping me from committing to vegetarianism other than (1) laziness and (2) this low-carb diet I'm on (which I don't want to hear a word against, incidentally, because this method of eating worked for me for eight straight years previously, is working for me again now, and my goodness, but I'm tired of being voluptuous in places I shouldn't be. So please, no lectures on that front, my kidney function is fine, and I swear I am not living on bunless burgers, in fact actually most of my protein is coming from eggs and cheese so I am within striking distance of being lacto-ovo; there, are you happy?).

Anyway--good stuff from all of you, thank you very much again, and more later if I am not spun into an anxiety attack by dealing with this school business; even more later if I am spun into an anxiety attack but choose to cope with it through the power of booze (but in that case I don't promise anything I write will make sense).

Posted by Ilyka at January 11, 2006 11:29 AM in hell is other people

Will be thinking good thoughts for you, dear.

As for the diet? I'm thinking of trying something similar once the baby comes. I sort of have a mandate to do so, since I would rather poke my eyes out with a spork than have diabetes for the rest of my life.

Fifty to seventy-five percent chance of having it. That scared the daylights out of me. So. Diet and exercise it is! Boy, won't my knees be surprised!?

Anyway. . .keep happy thoughts and I know that today might be tough for ya, but in the long run, you'll be even that much smarter. Heh.

Posted by: Margi at January 11, 2006 11:46 AM

Best of luck on the school thing. My tummy churns in sympathy with you :)

Posted by: Ith at January 11, 2006 12:19 PM

Thanks for the good thoughts, Margi. It is stupid of me to get freaked out by this but I always, always do.

As for the important stuff, i.e., food: I prefer that diet over Atkins because first, there's none of this nonsense with "ketosis" (I am NOT peeing on test strips, sorry) and, second, for one hour each day you're allowed to eat whatever carbs you like. So, yesterday, for example:

Breakfast: Two hard-boiled eggs (I was never much of a breakfast person; you could eat more than this but I just don't have much appetite first thing).

Lunch: Four celery sticks topped with cream cheese, a little red onion, a strip of red bell pepper, and rolled around with a slice of ham each. I meant to have a salad with this but I was in a rush.

Snack: Sunflower seeds (shelled), I don't know how many.

Dinner: Garden salad with Greek dressing, generous portion mushroom risotto, 2 glasses of wine.

I mean, you just give me that anything-goes hour at the end, and I can forego carbs the rest of the day without feeling deprived and hungry. It's what happens if I START the day with them that's super-unpretty. It does something to my appetite--like, whacks it out of control.

Posted by: ilyka at January 11, 2006 12:28 PM

roast pork marinated Cuban style (mostly with garlic and onions) and served with yellow rice and black beans.

marinated shredded pork (carnitas) in a burrito with rice, black beans, hot sauce, cheese. (Lettuce optional.) chips on the side

Roast lamb - just about any way you care to do it.

Turkey - roasted or deep fried.

Venison roast or steaks.

Cheeseburger with raw or grilled onions

Pad Thai with chicken. Spicy Basil with chicken. General Chang's chicken.

veal piccata

pepperoni pizza, hot pastrami sandwiches, hot dogs

yumm! I love being a carnivore (I didn't even metion breakfast...)

Posted by: Zendo Deb at January 11, 2006 07:55 PM