February 10, 2006


  • Rob sees right through those Dove "Real Beauty" ads. I'm hoping anyone with more than a pair of brain cells to rub together does, but you can't beat the way Rob puts it. Quoting a USA Today columnist who notes that the ads "still need to sell women on the idea that they need these products to become even better," he adds:
  • Yeah, that sentiment contributes to the cynical view one might arrive at. Another one might be questions about the messenger, Dove. Aren’t they almost like the firefighter who sets the blaze so they can be the hero who puts it out? Their earlier commercials surely contributed to the image problem depicted in the current campaign. And yet another cynic might wonder how that commercial was made. Were those the only girls who showed up for it? I kind of doubt that so what did Dove tell the other ones? “You’re all beautiful but..............”?

    Remind me that if ever I embark on a career as a con artist, Rob would make a poor mark.

  • Sheila has tentatively agreed to live-blog the figure skating finals (see comments). This is excellent news for me as I have discovered another woman out there who feels the Wrath at Kwan:
  • I love ice skating, but I have one message for the Kwan-ster:


    Sasha Cohen blew you out of the water at the last Olympics, skating with more fire and more courage than you did - and you should be very very frightened of your competition, and stop trying to create some emotional melodrama so that you win as some kind of emotional favorite. I NEVER WANT TO SEE YOUR FACE AGAIN.


    I want someone ELSE to compete for the gold medal. It's not yours to win anymore.


    Whatever you do, please, don't argue with me about this one. It's not up for debate. Either you love Michelle Kwan or you NEVER WANT TO SEE HER FACE AGAIN, and I'm in the latter camp.

  • In news that will surprise no one, I continue to enjoy Andrea way more than is proper. Contrasting Islamists with, well, normal people, she writes (note!--I do not pretend to know from no HTML tables; please excuse reformatting):
  • THE WEST: A woman is attacked. She kills her attacker. She is congratulated and celebrated.
    ISLAM: A girl is attacked, but she gets away. In doing so, she ends up killing her attacker. She is condemned to death.
    THE WEST: A woman marries a man her family does not know. On television. That’s it.
    ISLAM: A woman marries a man her family does not know. Her brothers and father track her down and murder her.

    Please see the original; it's got links I've left out for no better reason than pure laziness.

    Oh! A quick note for a certain class of smartass out there: You know, when you make the argument that the Right focuses overmuch on Islam in order to distract from their own failings regarding the treatment of women, and that thus there is no need to pay any attention when someone on the right points out that women have it bad in Islamic societies, because It's a Trap! To Distract from the Wiretapping!--I find that almost as stupid as when guys on the Right tell me I shouldn't worry about the treatment of women anywhere BUT in Islamic countries. I do not like that zero-sum kind of thinking, no no no. Bad is bad, yes, but only a fool would fail to note when one bad is many times worse than another.

  • Some of the best news of my week is that Meryl got a job. Go congratulate her!
  • Finally, for those of you who miss his work as much as I do: I know where you can score some Hubris, if you're interested. Ssshh! Don't tell just anybody. I don't want the cops involved.
  • Posted by Ilyka at February 10, 2006 03:59 PM in hell is other people

    Re. Kwan...amen! I can't believe that she's competing in another Olympics. I thought the last one was her last chance. Yes, the gold eluded her, but her time has passed. She's just going to embarrass herself. It's over Michelle...move on. Be happy with what you accomplished rather than obsessing on that gold medal.

    Posted by: Susan B. at February 10, 2006 09:07 PM

    Thanks, Ilyka. It's still hard for me to say if the campaign is genuine contrition for their responsibility (Assuming they're even taking some responsibility) in this or just a campaign to sell more product. My idealistic self would like to believe the former but my cynical self is more inclined to believe the latter. Admittedly, my cynical self wins way too many arguments to suit me.

    Posted by: Rob at February 11, 2006 08:41 AM

    The Wrath of Kwan.

    She's kaput. She just dropped out. No more pscyhodrama to be entertained and annoyed by. Bummer.

    Posted by: red at February 12, 2006 09:20 AM

    It's wonderful to find some other Kwan Haters!! She is the BIGGEST LOSER. SPOILED LITTLE RUNNY WHINNY NOSED BITCH. I am so glad she dropped out of the Torino Olympics. I hope she gets stuck working at McDonalds the rest of her life and gets severe case of acne. One feels a bit terrible hating anyone this much but I can't help it when it comes to Miss Kwan. OOOH! Just her name makes me want to punch her in the face. I think we should start an "I hate Michele Kwan Fan Club." We can sell pinatas with her face on it. We can merchandise, dart boards, toilet paper, rat traps, etc. with her face. Alright...I need to take a deep breath.

    Well..anyway... good luck to Emily!!

    Posted by: Robert Slagle at February 12, 2006 08:54 PM