March 26, 2006

Where the Intro Went

I got sick--oh, so sick--of clicking the shortcut I have to my own blog (because of course I am that vain, oh, you betcha), only to get stuck at the introductory strawfeminist screens. You can see how a week of that could become irritating quickly, right? But some folks are still telling people to go to for the introduction pages, and now I've gone and pointed that link right here instead. So if what you were wanting was the bad-drawing-laden intro, that's now at

I suppose I could get all freaky with the redirects or something, but that would be work I am disinclined to do at present. And the hot toddy I'm sipping right now has nothing to do with that disinclination. Nothing at all!

Apologies to anyone who's been inconvenienced. They're not gone, just moved.

Posted by Ilyka at March 26, 2006 02:19 AM in blog against the strawfeminist