June 20, 2006

Skedaddle Alert

FYI: I don't intend to update this weblog anymore. The irresistibly charming and gracious Pixy Misa, Lord of All Mu.Nu, has put up with my freeloading ass long enough, for one; I'm no longer a very good fit for the overall mu.nu vibe, for two; and I really want to experiment with Wordpress, for three. Pixy's not into the admin chores of hosting multiple Wordpress blogs and, given what I can understand of the work that goes into it, I don't blame him. The gent works himself to death as it is.

Until I can arrange to nestle into more permanent digs--give me a week or two for that; you recall that I am neither efficient nor speedy, I hope?--I'll be over here. You won't find much there at the moment and I doubt I'm gonna post up a storm at what I intend to be a temporary blog anyhow, but, you know, if you get lonely or whatever, look me up.

Oh! Some of you have also griped at me that the email displayed at upper left isn't working. Use the gmail addy--it's my first [fake] name followed by a dot followed by my last [fake] name, all at-gmail-dot-com. Purty simple, huh?

Posted by Ilyka at June 20, 2006 03:25 PM in navel gazing