April 20, 2004

Let's Just Get This Over with Already

More "about me" stuff. Previous edition here, first one here, yada yada yada, and yes, I'm as tired of this whole schtick as you are, but I'm trying to be better about finishing what I start. More importantly, my beloved aunt tells me they're her favorite thing about this site, and I'm afraid all other opinions take a back seat to my beloved aunt's on, well, just about everything, except maybe politics.

(Okay, except definitely politics. But whatever, right?)

41.I spent my childhood in California. California in the 1970s was a nice place for a kid, but I wouldn't want to live there now, and in any event, I couldn't afford to.

42.I'm terrible with money. My check card quit working and the bank couldn't explain why, so rather than asking them to send me a new one, I just quit using it, and for someone like me, it's better, even though sometimes it's a pain in the ass, because I've never been able to get it through my skull that using check cards is still spending "real" money.

43.Ditto for credit cards. Kids, don't get one. Credit cards are the devil, period end. I had a friend tell me that when the government is doing security clearances, one of their red flags is high debt, because they figure you could be bribed to spy for the other team more easily if you're carrying a lot of debt, so I guess I'm never getting a security clearance, even though I really don't think I'm very corruptible.

44.I try to keep a clean kitchen and a clean bathroom, but I don't dust except when there's a dire need for it, like when I'm moving, or . . . no, I think that's it. I say that this is because when I was little, my chore used to be dusting the house and I hated it, but when I say that my mother says I shouldn't blame everything on my parents, even though my dad blames his refusal to eat any vegetables whatsoever on his parents and no one's ever questioned that one for a minute.

45.My favorite season is winter, but I think that might be because I've spent most of my life in the sunbelt. I'm pretty sure that after a few years in Minnesota, I'd be telling you my favorite season was summer. The grass is always greener.

46.I can't stand people who are polite to the point of refusing to say what they really mean. I'm talking about the kind of people who spend 45 minutes deciding to where to go for dinner because they're all going, "Oh, no, really, I can eat anything--you pick." [Update: I still can't believe I got an entire post out of this one.]

47.I have a short attention span for most things, but if I'm into something, I'm really, really, really into it, and you have to get quite mean with me to get me to stop doing whatever it is I'm really into.

48.You also have to not care when I yell at you for making me stop doing whatever it was I was doing.

Posted by Ilyka at April 20, 2004 02:08 AM in navel gazing

That post from #46 is one of my favorites. For obvious reasons.

Posted by: Emma at April 20, 2004 02:39 AM

"You also have to not care when I yell at you for making me stop doing whatever it was I was doing."

Yup. Ditto here. Come on-we can't be expected to multi-task ALL the time...

Posted by: Helen at April 20, 2004 09:12 AM

#47: Classic sign of the introvert, and someone who likes to write. :-)

Posted by: Dean Esmay at April 20, 2004 12:29 PM

42 & 43 are me too. I got a new check card in the mail three weeks ago. You have to use it in an ATM machine or call an 800 number to activate it. I tried calling the 800 number and they started playing a commercial while they "researched my information". I hung up and haven't used the card. Frighteningly, I haven't missed it either.

And that post from #47 is one of my favorites too. :-)

Posted by: Jim at April 20, 2004 02:37 PM

Frighteningly, I haven't missed it either.

It's kind of a wonder I don't just keep my money under the mattress, actually. I can keep track of cash just fine. But despite all the math courses I've suffered through over the years, I can't master basic subtraction in my head. I'm sitting there thinking, ". . . equals seven, carry the one--no, wait--equals six . . . ." and you've got to be speedier and more accurate about it than that if you're going to dance with Mr. Plastic.

Posted by: ilyka at April 20, 2004 02:54 PM

You'd have to have a pretty high amount of debt to not get a clearance, hon. And a gambling habit.

Posted by: maura at April 20, 2004 04:21 PM