October 02, 2004

Okay, This is Maybe Becoming a Problem

So has anyone ever had to have a friend lock something addictive up for them--bottles, smokes, bongs, Sims 2 CDs--to help them sober up? Because I think I've reached that point.

This game doesn't even run on my setup so much as it sadly chug-chug-chugs along, the little people simulation that could, and I still can't keep from loading it up first thing in the morning. Which then becomes afternoon. Which then becomes whoops, time to work! Which then becomes, etc. I'm convinced I don't have a better graphics card because God really does love me after all, and He knows that with a better graphics card I might actually starve to death from my compulsion to sit here 24/7 telling little imaginary creatures to make sure they eat.

Anyway. Apparently there were presidential debates recently? Uh-huh, really, you don't say. Right now all I could offer about that would be only of the most pathetic nature. I have a lot of catching up to do.

Heartfelt if insufficient thank-yous to Jim, Dr. Alice, and Helen, who all emailed to nag and to verify that I had not actually passed out of the land of the living. I am here. I am not dead yet. Now take these discs away from me, I'm not kidding.

Posted by Ilyka at October 2, 2004 01:40 AM in navel gazing

I knew you were okay -- well, maybe you should probably remember to eat more often -- since I live with a Sims addict. It isn't pretty, not at all, precious.

Posted by: Ith at October 2, 2004 02:00 AM

Anybody know how to organize a virtual intervention?

Posted by: Jim at October 2, 2004 05:34 AM

What I'd like to know is this: who's worse off, here? I mean. . .yeah, I make posts to the weblog and I work. But they're my usual inane drivel and I have given up a LITTLE TOO EASILY when the server bumps me off.

So, to the casual observer everything looks fine. Just don't look at my bloodshot eyes and Samsonite luggage underneath them.

As you know, (because I sent an e-mail) I did not go to bed until 5:30 this morning. You tell yourself, "just until the baby comes" and you'll quit. Uh huh. Then you have to make sure you have the toddler toys in place, and the Smart Milk maker (so that potty training doesn't take, like, 30 FOREVERS) and that you have a high chair in a proper place and an adult bed in the same room so that the designated parental unit can sleep there because if the baby cries for too long, you get a phone call from child welfare. And. . .

They say that the first step to recovery is acknowledging there is a problem.

Hi. My name is Margi and I'm addicted to The Sims.

Posted by: Margi at October 2, 2004 07:27 PM

You're welcome. :-)

The only game I'm addicted to is Freecell - but God knows I'm a card carrying addict.

Posted by: Dr. Alice at October 2, 2004 08:06 PM

it's ok Ilyka, just mail the disks to me and everything will be ok.

Posted by: rammer at October 3, 2004 12:53 AM

What's wrong with me? I'm not addicted to anything. No, wait. Coca-Cola. Oh, and fried foods.

And trust me, if they came out with a cancer-free cigarette, I'd be back on them in a heartbeat.

Posted by: Meryl Yourish at October 3, 2004 05:11 AM

That was me with Civilization III. The saving grace is that that game actually ends.

I stay as far as possible from The Sims...

Posted by: Dean Esmay at October 3, 2004 10:08 AM

I've been looking at visitorville, a spooky combo.


Posted by: Ripper at October 3, 2004 07:59 PM

LOL, Ripper! That's too cute.

Posted by: Margi at October 4, 2004 10:07 PM

Isn't there somewhere in the SIMS where they blog?

Posted by: Simon at October 7, 2004 08:59 AM

I play The Sims 2 as well...and it really is a world on it's own. Once you master the art of bringing up their kids, you'll want them to have more kids. It's fun seeing how the child turns out to look like.

Posted by: KOSMOS at October 9, 2004 05:41 AM

Don't make me visit Jeff Jarvis' blog and post about it. You don't want me to do that. (Though at this point it's like a train wreck full of naked old people: appalling, brain-searing (seared! SEARED!!), but you just have to look.)

Posted by: Andrea Harris at October 12, 2004 02:24 AM