November 13, 2004

Dial Tone

That's about all an Iraqi television show that reconstructs, refurnishes, and redecorates homes destroyed during the war gets when it calls up international aid organizations:

. . . producer Riyadh Salman insisted that the programme was attempting to highlight the problems Iraqi people faced when their homes were destroyed, and were pressing for more assistance from others.

"We start from scratch, and finish by putting furniture in these houses," he said.

"We want to motivate government institutions and human rights organisations to take their share in the reconstructions.

"But in spite of all the calls we’ve made to them, we haven’t had any response."

You really don't want to know what I originally typed here. My scorn for human rights organizations nearly boiled over, but never mind that.

What I'm wondering is whether this could be a job for people with hearts like the ones behind Spirit of America. Now they get things done that need doing. It would be great if there were a likeminded organization that could help out with this.

Human rights organizations are only of any use if you already have the house, preferably with terrorists inside, and you need a stooge a symbol to stand in front of the bulldozer that's about to pave it under. HROs are just dying to help you out with that problem.

Oops. The sneering leaked out anyway.


(Via Andrea Harris.)

Posted by Ilyka at November 13, 2004 07:36 AM in news