December 27, 2004

South Asia Earthquake

As much for my benefit and reference as yours, a short links collection:

Donations (US):

  • AmeriCares

  • American Red Cross (select "International Response Fund" from the list box to earmark donation for earthquake relief)

  • Care USA

    Donations (International):

  • Oxfam


  • Red Cross Red Crescent

    Donations (Religious Charities):

  • Christian Aid

  • American Jewish World Service

  • Catholic Relief

  • American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee

  • International Orthodox Christian Charities

  • Islamic Relief


  • ReliefWeb has a by-country breakdown of relief efforts via the UN Office for Coordination of Human Affairs

  • The Command Post, naturally, with many more charity links

  • Tim Blair

  • Simon World hasn't got anything on this just yet, but keep checking. Simon's great for turning up links to pieces others miss.

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