January 22, 2005

Being on a Topic Not Generally Mentioned Here


First of all, congratulations to the Esmays, Dean and Rosemary, on the safe and happy arrival of Rosemary's Baby. (I couldn't resist the idiotic joke, but, oh, all right; I suppose Dean had a hand in it too. Well, not a hand, exactly . . . .) I'll be first to tell you I'm not generally an ooher-and-aaher over babies, but this is indeed an adorable baby. Believe it!

I have been reading more than I usually do about babies and pregnancies since I found the infertility blogs. (One is linked at left.) I've thought about writing about some of the things I have learned by doing so, but I have any number of reasons that always crop up and change my mind before I do--first among them being, I don't want to link to an infertility blog and have some spoilin'-for-a-fight blogger find it and, fingers trembling in anticipation, rush off to type a manifesto about how women who don't learn to "just accept" their infertility are Thwarting God's Will.

No, no thank you.

I'll just say I don't look at pregnancy and childbirth the same way anymore. People who describe babies as Little Miracles used to give me, I admit it, a real pain in the tushie. "Anyone," I would think dismissively (where obviously "anyone" meant "any woman"), "can pop out a baby. Watch Jerry Springer sometime and prepare to be appalled at how easy it is."

But they kind of are little miracles, really. And the things a woman's body can withstand when she is determined and able to bring one into the world are simultaneously horrific and amazing.

So with a much deeper and more heartfelt appreciation for the whole mysterious process than I once had, I'll just say again: Congratulations, Esmays. Nice one.

(And thank goodness I type accounts of caesarean sections often enough not to be grossed out by this!)

Posted by Ilyka at January 22, 2005 05:56 PM in hell is other people

Plus, pregnant women are dead sexy.

What? You thought I got Lovely Wife pregnant three times for the children? Hahahahahaha!

Posted by: Jim at January 22, 2005 07:15 PM

first, pregnant = sexy, and it is not the look, it is the smell. Pheromones are cool.

next, children are a fantastic miracle. there are days when i wonder if it is not a mistake to have more, but then one of my current ones acts up and i know that i am stretched to my limit.

Posted by: rammer at January 23, 2005 04:38 AM

Yeah. And now I am weeping again, with my ovaries screaming and hoping for babies.

Posted by: Helen at January 23, 2005 06:18 PM