May 07, 2005

Thank You Medicos

It's the little things that make my job worthwhile.

The little things like looking up the meaning of phrases like, "responsive only to deep sternal rub."

Oh sternal rub, how I love you. You are cruel, yes, but you are cruel to be kind.

Or to permit me to lie down comfortably on my own bed, whatever.

See, if you have this person in your bed who is already sound asleep when you try to enter it? And that person has commandeered the center of said bed and has flailed his or her limbs out to cover the rest of the surface like a poor imitation of a Da Vinci illustration? And all your soft entreaties to "Please move over so I can lie down, please?" are going ignored? Ignored and snored at?

Sternal rub.

Wakes 'em every time.

Posted by Ilyka at May 7, 2005 10:05 AM in navel gazing

Oh yes. This is going to come in handy.

Posted by: michele at May 7, 2005 11:53 AM

Yup. No one expects the Spanish Inquisition, and no one sleeps through the sternal rub. If they do, it's time to call 911.

Posted by: ilyka at May 7, 2005 03:42 PM

(takes notes)

Posted by: Andrea Harris at May 7, 2005 05:55 PM

Ouch. I hope Lovely Wife never reads this post.

Posted by: Jim at May 8, 2005 04:17 AM