August 23, 2005

They've Got That Work Ethic

Work hard, play hard: Some of those crazy Cotillion chicks got their work up a little early! Impressive. And they say women have no sense of time . . . pah!

Checking in so far are Holly Aho, A Soldier's Angel; Cassandra of Villainous Company; and Emily of An American Princess. I'm sure Fausta at Bad Hair Blog will be in soon--can't hardly blame her; she was up dancing all night.

NICE themes this week: Holly's eschewing screen ditzes in favor of our women in uniform . . . Emily's got a little something-something to get your motor running (that's a hint, classic car fans) . . . and Cassandra, well, look out, 'cause one of these days her boots are gonna walk all over you. And you'll like it.

(To be updated later, naturally--I gotta see what Fausta came up with. She's in some divine company here.)

UPDATE: Yes, was down much of the day; that's why you couldn't get here and I couldn't get here either. Never mind. Seems fabulous Fausta has psyched everyone out with her classic "no-theme" theme. Go check it out!

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