February 02, 2006

Someone Call David Horowitz

You know how that gasbag's always going on about bias in education, they're indoctrinating the youth of America, somebody stop them, our schools are crawling with Communists, blah blah blah? Yeah, I get tired of that bit too.

That said, here's how the boyfriend spent his evening in "Seminar in American Politics:"

First, it was announced that the class would watch and discuss the recent State of the Union address.

Then, the class was shown a video of a recent Al Gore speech* for innoculation against right-wing cooties balance.

Then, they watched the State of the Union address.

Ha! Ha! ¡Pero no! Of course they did no such thing. What are you, high?

They watched a video produced by Think Progress critiquing all the President's previous State of the Union addresses. And lo, balance was restored in the educational universe.

Then, the boyfriend entertained himself driving home by making up a little song to the tune of that Lazy Sunday video, aka, the only funny thing Saturday Night Live's produced so far this season:

Well let's hit up Daily Kos to find the dopest news
--I prefer Kevin Drum!
That's a good one too!
--Atrios is the best!
True dat. OPEN THREAD!
--University to Jordan--step on it, sucka!
What you wanna do, Prof?
--Sheehan rally muthafucka!

I mean, keep in mind: My boyfriend's way lefter than I am. If he's noticing something a little skewed, it ain't 'cause Karl Rove's put him on the payroll.

I'm just sayin'.

UPDATE: Put down those phones! The boyfriend clarified that it was two students who put on this little presentation, not the professor. Pursuant to Craig's comment below, it seems to me that would have been the perfect time for the professor to bring up the preference of primary to secondary sources. But, you know--kids these days. They love the Think Progress and the gross public displays of affection. What can you do?

*I know, I couldn't believe he's still making them either, but you can't keep a good Al down I guess.

Posted by Ilyka at February 2, 2006 09:12 PM in ene-eme-ese-oo

It's not just the bias (which is bad enough), but the methodology in preferring secondary sources ("here's other people talking about State of the union Addresses") to the primary source... in some ways, that's worse.

As someone that's studied a lot of history, you never ever take a secondary source over the primary when you have a choice. Anyone that's ever played "telephone" should know better.

Posted by: Craig at February 3, 2006 11:24 AM