February 24, 2006

Two Sorry Pictures

One of the ginormous diabetic cat for my brother's girlfriend (and because it's Friday):

No time right now to correct his bad case of demon-eyes, so that one's as is.

I wanted a good shot of the Organ Mountains today because when it's overcast here, they look black, and they're dead ringers for Mordor, honestly. But that shot needs to be taken earlier in the day--this one was done about 5:00 p.m.--and I've found you only really get the Mordor effect when it's not actually raining in the mountains, as it unfortunately was today. The contrast isn't what I'd like it to be on this shot. Well, no matter. Someday I'll do this one up right:

Have a great weekend, everybody!

Posted by Ilyka at February 24, 2006 09:56 PM in i don't know you tell me

Nothing at all sorry about those pictures. My ginormous cat likes to stretch out on his belly, too. I usually get red eyes when I take his picture, though. Distant landscape shots are some of my faves. This one almost looks like an old movie with the foreground objects being so much more lifelike than the background. Really cool effect.

Posted by: Rob at February 25, 2006 11:00 AM

The Organ Mts ARE spectacular...one of NM's best vistas, and we have more than a few. (Except here on the High Plains. Undistinguished in the "impressive landscapes" category, we are.) A fiery sunset on the Organs is something you just don't forget!

Congrats on the new job, too!

Posted by: Buck at February 25, 2006 12:53 PM