June 04, 2006

Commenting Difficulties

If you're having trouble getting your comment to post, fear not. Or rather, do fear, but know that it's nothing personal. I just had one of my own appear not to go through, and so I reposted it, at which point I realized the previous one HAD gone through, so there I was in public repeating my damn self.

Mu.nu, my host, has had a rough few days, as those of you who noticed the site outage Friday night may have suspected. Apparently we underwent a denial of service attack. And then there's the spammers, who crapflood the system regularly. So, you know, things is wonky around here.

I don't know what to tell you besides just do your best, and if you have problems, email me. I can delete duplicate comments for you or whatever if you need that.

Thanks, and sorry.

Posted by Ilyka at June 4, 2006 11:47 AM in navel gazing