April 12, 2004

Do I Feel Her on That or Do I FEEL Her on That?

I was actually going to just do up an open-thread post on the subject of--well, look, it was just a one-liner, really:

"Premise: Nick Denton is to blogging as Dick Clark is to rock-and-roll. Discuss."

But then I realized I didn't really have anything else to offer, and posting just a snarky inside-blogging remark like that would be so . . . so . . . Wonkette.

Well, minus the sodomy, I mean.

I wouldn't give a fig about Wonkette, but then when I see things like this, I get really irked and my penchant for bad analogies goes into overdrive.

See, I figure if blogging is anything, it's punk. It's putting the creativity back in the hands of the fans instead of the starmakers. It's the big finger to the media, in the same way that the Sex Pistols were the big finger to prog-rock dinosaurs and dirty, dirty hippies.

If you look at it like that, you realize you have to make a decision: Are you playing for the bucks or are you playing for the fans?

I'm not saying you can't do both to an extent. On the other end of the spectrum from Wonkette you've got bloggers who moan that their work is e'er unappreciated, overlooked, forsaken--when the sad fact of the matter is, their work just isn't very good. Or, alternately, their work's not bad, but they won't do the things you have to do to get noticed.

I tried getting my boyfriend into blogging. He immediately complained that no one read him. I said, you've been at this for three days. Give it time.

A week later, same thing: No one reads him. No one links him. I said, do you give any links OUT? You gotta give to get, honey bunches of oats. Do you try to leave comments at other bloggers' sites, not to whore your work, but to provide a little feedback while still getting your name out there? Are you approaching this cooperatively, or are you approaching this ivory-tower style?

So I understand that you have to try to hit a happy medium, where you're focused enough on gathering readers that you'll send the trackback, leave the comment, maybe even drop an e-mail . . . but not so focused on it that you become a total whore.

But I think at some point, and especially if you're female . . . at some point you have to accept that a certain portion of the crowd--a LARGE portion of the crowd--just wants the schlock. A certain portion of the crowd just wants Justin Timberlake to rip your bra off in public.

So what? You don't have to play to them.

Posted by Ilyka at April 12, 2004 10:29 PM in hell is other people

Great, great post.

And I LOVE the idea of Nick Denton as Dick Clark - though I'd take it even further and think of him as that guy who is responsibel for bringing all the boy bands out of Orlando.

Posted by: michele at April 12, 2004 10:35 PM

If they come, they come. If not, the echo's cool, too.

Posted by: Rob at April 12, 2004 11:01 PM

Fantastic post.

Posted by: Bill from INDC Journal at April 12, 2004 11:18 PM

Nailed it, as usual. Great post. I sit in awe, as usual.

Posted by: Emma at April 13, 2004 12:38 AM

With commentary like that, who needs wankettes? ;-)

Posted by: Jim at April 13, 2004 12:52 AM

that guy who is responsibel for bringing all the boy bands out of Orlando.

You know, and I watched all the VH1 specials about that guy and everything and I still cannot remember his name--but I guess that's as it should be.

The problem is, Denton is the kind of guy who would take being called a Svengali, or even a boy-band promoter, as a compliment.

I like what Rob said. Sometimes the echo's the most useful thing to me about having a blog.

Posted by: ilyka at April 13, 2004 01:39 AM

Someone called me a "philanthropic Nick Denton" the other day. And then added "no offence meant".


As for Wonkette - a cross between Hedda Hopper and a partisan political diarist, with added assfucking. Just what the world needs.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at April 13, 2004 02:29 AM

Good stuff, this. It's amazing what a dose of common sense and reality can do.

Posted by: Simon at April 13, 2004 07:51 AM

If blogging is Punk, and it's the Sex Pistols to everyone else's prog rock and hippies, then...

Where's Malcom McLaren fit in?

And when will blogs spawn off their goth and alternative spawn?

Posted by: Sigivald at April 15, 2004 09:22 PM

Lou Perlman. (I know the name of the guy responsible for all those crappy boy bands, but I don't know my next-door neighbor's name. I Am America.)

Posted by: Jim Treacher at April 18, 2004 04:00 PM

God Bless America, then.

Posted by: ilyka at April 18, 2004 06:05 PM

Anyone know where I can read up on more info on this

Posted by: play boy at August 4, 2004 07:09 AM