July 18, 2005

Hit It

Hit it hard. Oh, yeah. Doesn't that feel good?

Here's why I think you should take a sec to give Meryl your lunch money: Because she's my friend and I asked you to and come on, what more reason do you idiots need?

Fine. It's like this: Not only is Meryl a fun person, she's a fun read--when she's, um, not being an educational read, or a poignant read, or an angry read, or an hysterical read, or a scornful read.

Best of all, she manages to avoid everything about blogging that I loathe--Meryl does not rely on gimmicks. It's all original material. It must be exhausting work sometimes, but she does it. No quizzes. No catchphrases (okay, a few catchphrases--but none of that "heh-indeed" business).

Drop her a fiver or more. Would it kill you?

Posted by Ilyka at July 18, 2005 03:24 PM in chariblogging | TrackBack

Anything for the WZC...despite my pathetically broke situation! Nice of you to send out the call!

Posted by: Beth at July 18, 2005 11:35 PM