September 01, 2005

You Are Big Boys and Girls

You can find the Hurricane Katrina blogburst participants and the charitable organizations they're boosting all by your own grownup selves, right? Right? Because I went to link NZ Bear's list of participating webloggers, on account of it's Thursday and this is supposed to be the big day for getting the relief flowing . . . but I got a MySQL error. I imagine the database is taking quite a beating with all this.

Anyway, as I've been having sentiments like these the last couple days--

So if I don’t put up a big long list of charities, it’s because I figure you can find them yourself – the Red Cross isn’t exactly hiding in a shack in Utah waving a shotgun at anyone who comes up the road, and the Salvation Army can probably be summoned if you stand on a street corner with a Bible and a tuba and start belting out “Bringing in the Sheaves.”
--I said to hell with it; if you folks want a blogburst, I trust you to find yourselves one. (Incidentally, the charity endorsed by Hugh Hewitt, as mentioned in that piece, looks utterly worthy and yes, I said Hugh Hewitt, and no, I don't wanna hear none of your snark, and yes, that admonishment is also directed at myself, a habitual offender in that regard. Like the man says, though, they send food to kids. I can't fault that and if you can, please go away now.)

Personally, I'm getting a little nervous that Rob hasn't been back online for awhile. Be safe, Rob and family. Be well. And for pity's sake find some way to give a holler out somewhere if you need anything. We're listening.

(Oh, never mind--the NZ Bear list came up this time. Give it a try if you like. If you can't find a worthy charity on that list, I don't know what would please you.)

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Thanks, Ilyka. We're alive and well. Things are getting a little better every day.

Posted by: Rob at September 6, 2005 09:30 AM