December 29, 2005

Ith the Ambitious

As predicted, everyone hates me for the "seven things" thing:

HUGE DISCLAIMER: I never do these tag things. Ever ever! The only reason Iím doing it is because Ilyka started blogging again, which made me very happy, which made me think she needed the positive reinforcement of playing along with her evil twistedness -- just this once.

I'm sorry! I'll never do this to anybody again, not least because it's turning this site into a damn LiveJournal.

Ith is of a creative temperament, and it shows:

Seven Things To Do Before I Die
1: Attend a Viennese Ball, maybe even in Vienna, complete with fancy dress. Escort optional, since Iím a realist and not totally in a fantasy world here.

Hey, never say die! Anyway, that's definitely not an item I'm seeing pop up on every third list. A Viennese ball? That would sound so pretty to me if only I didn't have two left feet. (I forgot to include "dance" on my seven things I cannot do.)

I also liked:

Seven Things I Cannot Do
1: Knit (I can crochet)
2: Play a musical instrument.
3: Stop a Nuclear Reactor from melting down.

. . . because it's important to know your limitations in life. Anyway, more whimsy here. Enjoy.

Posted by Ilyka at December 29, 2005 01:43 PM in hell is other people

Well, there was that MacGyver eppie with the chocolate and the runaway reactor...

Posted by: Ith at December 29, 2005 04:34 PM