April 28, 2004

Let's Review!

So there's this multi-blog charity drive to raise money for this Spirit of America fund request, to help the Marines build television stations for Iraqis. That much we should have down by now, right? If not, well, read all about it at the link above, or read why I think it matters here.

And now review all the fabulous offers out there for donating:

The Victory Coalition offers are summarized for you here (along with some offers from other chari-blogging teams).

The Liberty Alliance offers are on display RIGHT here:

  • Val Prieto is willing to dress in drag for $40 and willing to shave his legs for donations of $200.

  • Cox and Forkum have offered for auction a signed print of one of their cartoons.

  • EPoet is offering a unique photo from his tour in Iraq for $10 donations, and both a post on any topic you specify AND an original poem for donations of $50.

  • Personalized audio files, available on a sliding scale ($5, $10, or $20 donations), are available from Dizzy Girl.

  • Hard to top this one--you can bid on a speaking engagement by none other than Chief Wiggles, the man behind Operation Give: Toys for Iraqi Children. Not only that, but you can bid on an old Iraqi dinar and a mint-condition "Operation Iraqi Freedom" patch!

  • Or perhaps you're in the market for a hand-made gun belt, offered by Raging Dave of Four Right Wing Wackos?

  • Dean and Rosemary's offers still stand: A post on the topic of your choice; a post by BOTH Dean and The Queen of All Evil on the topic of your choice; or, if you prefer, Rosemary will, ah, "let it all hang out," if you know what I'm saying (and if you don't, well, you can read about it).

  • My pitiful offers still stand, too. You know how when you're little and you say you don't want to take piano lessons, or go to soccer practice, or whatever, anymore, because piano lessons/soccer practice/chess club/whatever are "not cool" or "totally gay" or "for losers?" And you know how your parents say to you then that one day you'll be sorry, and that it's very important to develop your talents early, instead of wasting them? Your parents were right.

    Finally, you can peruse the offers from the Fighting Fuzzballs on this page.

    Quit goofing off. Help the newly-united blog coalitions meet their goal of $50,000 by tonight. Pick your preferred prize and claim it by donating today!

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